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Anthony Samar Biggham, fondly known as A. Samar Biggham is a native of Newark,NJ. Samar was called to preach at the tender age of ten years old. At the age of thirteen, he began preaching with his trial sermon on November 9, 2003 entitled " The Power Of Prayer".

Since that time God has sent him on assignment, to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, and this assignment truly God has fulfilled.

A. Samar attended Benedict College in Columbia, SC and is currently a student at the New York Theological Seminary.

A. Samar is a member of the Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church in Newark, NJ where he faithfully served as Youth Minister amongst others and his grandfather, the legendary Rev. Dr. Milton Biggham is his pastor.

From that service the Lord has elevated him to now being the senior pastor of the Greater Mt. Moriah Baptist Church in the city of Newark NJ.

Rev. Biggham is the founder and CEO of Samar Biggham Ministries and The R.A.M.P which is a worship service geared to meet the needs of today's youth and young adults. There they are being trained and taught to Reach A Maximum Potential with Christ!

Samar's unique God given ability to flow by the leading of Holy Ghost in the preached word coupled with the prophetic and prayer mantle that he posses has blessed the lives of thousands around the country and around the world. This little package tho small in stature stands tall in the power and authority that God has given to his children!

He is a living vessel wanting to be used by God!

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